New Horizons Professional Support Services Inc. offers individual, family, and small group Counselling Services. Our services are goal-oriented and individualized, with an aim to improve coping skills and mental health.

What is Counselling?

A person sees a Counsellor when they want to talk about problems they are having, and get advice, teaching, and coaching on how to try to fix the problem. Some things a person may want to see a Counsellor about are:

  • Problems with worry, anxiety, fears, panic attacks, phobias
  • Problems with anger and inability to control their temper
  • Depression, constant sadness, thoughts of wanting to die, attempts at suicide
  • Too many stressful events or changes in their life
  • Stressful past events that keep getting in the way of feeling OK
  • Problems with family relationships, partnerships or friendships
  • Sexual issues
  • Problems with drugs or alcohol
  • Unsafe obsessions

How to refer:
For CLBC funded individuals in the Kamloops area, please speak to your CLBC Facilitator about a possible referral for Counselling services. Services are limited to individuals with specific and time-limited goals in mind.

For families of children and youth receiving Autism Funding who wish to speak to a Counsellor, please contact Kathy Peterson, MA, RCC directly at (250) 318-6503.

For private fee-for-service Counselling, please contact Kathy Peterson, MA, RCC directly at (250) 318-6503. Note that some extended health benefits programs may cover Counselling fees.

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