When a particular behaviour is negatively interfering with having good quality of life, New Horizon’s Behaviour Support Services can help guide individuals and their circle of care to make positive changes that promote day-to-day happiness, increase skills and inclusion, and reduce challenges.

Our knowledgeable Behaviour Consultants start with assessment to get to know everyone involved and fully consider the contexts and reasons that may be contributing to the use of challenging behaviours for an individual. We then develop comprehensive Behaviour Support Plans that give practical strategies for preventing challenges and for teaching positive skills. We consider risk management and develop safety planning as necessary. We provide training and support to the caregivers implementing the plans.

Some examples of the behaviours we can address are:

  • Uncooperative, disruptive, or socially offensive behaviours
  • Verbal escalations and outbursts
  • Property destruction
  • Physical aggression (being hurtful to others)
  • Self-injurious behaviour (being hurtful to self)
  • Repetitive or unusual behaviours negatively impacting quality of life
  • Elopement (running away) and other unsafe behaviours

For adults eligible for Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) services, please contact your CLBC Facilitator to discuss a referral to New Horizons for Behaviour Consultation services.

For children and youth supported by the Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD) or Children and Youth with Special Needs (CYSN),
please enquire with your MCFD Social Worker regarding a referral for our services.

See Horizons Kids for more information on Behaviour Consultation services on a fee for service basis through MCFD Autism Funding or private pay.

Please enquire with us directly for more information.

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