Persons who wish to be eligible to receive the services of Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) must have specific assessments completed to help CLBC determine whether you meet their criteria for services.

New Horizons Professional Support Services Inc. provides eligibility assessments under contract with CLBC in the North Thompson region.

The eligibility assessments are completed by Registered Psychologists and trained Testing Assistants. Please see our FAQ for information on what to expect during an eligibility assessment.

There are two CLBC support streams for which you may be assessed – Intellectual Disability Services and Personal Supports Initiative (PSI).

1. Intellectual Disability Assessment includes a short interview to learn about your personal history, when your problems began, and what your needs are now.

It also includes testing to evaluate your intellectual functioning. For the intellectual assessment, you are asked to answer some questions and do several kinds of problem solving activities.

There is also an adaptive functioning interview with someone who knows you well. The adaptive functioning interview involves asking detailed questions to help us assess how well you manage the activities of everyday living.

2. Personalized Supports Initiative Assessment involves an interview with someone who knows you well, in order to assess your day-to-day functioning.

This assessment will require a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder to be fully completed. If such a diagnosis is suspected, but has not already been completed, CLBC will provide you direction to arrange this assessment.

If you are interested in receiving eligibility assessment services, please contact your local CLBC office and ask for an Intake Worker to discuss this further.

Note that not all individuals will meet the criteria for referral for eligibility assessment.