Frequently Asked Questions

Our office is open by appointment only. Please note that we are frequently out working in the community and may take 1-2 business days to return any phone messages left at our office. For your convenience, our staff will provide you with their direct cell phone line.

If you would like to purchase services using Autism Funding or through private payment, please contact us directly at to discuss a referral.

For CLBC funded services, please speak to your CLBC Facilitator about a referral for our services. New Horizons is a prequalified vendor for CLBC services on both the Provincial Service Suppliers List (PSSL) and Personalized Supports Initiative (PSI) list. In Kamloops and area, you can call (250) 377-4444. If you are not sure who your Facilitator is or you do not have a Facilitator, just ask for the Intake Facilitator.

For MCFD funded services, please speak to your MCFD Social Worker about a referral for our services.

Yes, you can use both Under 6 (Early Intervention) and Over 6 (School-Aged
Intervention) MCFD Autism Funding for our Behaviour Consultant and Behaviour
Interventionist services.

Sometimes there can be a wait for services that are funded by CLBC, even if you have been referred through your CLBC Facilitator. We will let your Facilitator know if there is a wait and for approximately how long when we receive your referral. You can check on the status of your referral and the waitlist by speaking to your CLBC Facilitator.

For Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention (EIBI) clients or those using Autism Funding, we keep our caseloads small and focused on quality of service. If we do not have availability to offer services, we will suggest other quality service providers in the area who may be able to serve you more immediately.

A Behaviour Consultant is a clinical professional who typically has at least a Master’s degree or is working towards one, has specific graduate level coursework in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), and has experience in specific areas of practice within the field of ABA. Behaviour Consultants are not yet regulated in British Columbia, however the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board certifies those who meet specific education and experience criteria and pass a certification exam.

You will be given an appointment to come to our office for an Eligibility Assessment and we will ask you to also bring someone who knows you well, so that they can answer questions about your skills and abilities (called an adaptive assessment). There will be an interview, and you may also be asked to do intelligence testing. The assessment usually takes 2-3 hours.

We run our training workshops based on community interest and need, rotating our offerings throughout the year. We send out notifications to all community agencies when we open up a new training opportunity for registration. If you are interested in having New Horizons present on a specific topic for your agency, please contact us

No, but we will work alongside your in-house trainer in supporting your team as we are familiar with both CPI and Mandt systems. As most service providers have their own “in house” professional crisis management system trainers, we no longer offer CPI training directly through New Horizons. For more information or to find a local training opportunity, see:

We have policy and procedures in place to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission, including physical distancing, occupancy limits, and disinfection protocols. In-person service delivery occurs only where risk is low and where WorkPlaceBC standards can be met.

Yes. We can deliver services over secure Telehealth (online video) where it is a good fit and effective for the client.