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Creating Amazing Little Moments

At Horizons Kids, we approach treatment with the belief that if we can find what is joyful for kids, what is their individual version of being calm and engaged, then we can meet them in that place to teach new skills. We empower children and their parents to experience joyful interactions one amazing little moment at a time. Once we link many of these moments together, then we have noticeable and meaningful change.

Starting from a place guided by each family’s set of values we facilitate and support child independence using balanced comfort, play and teaching strategies. We meet children where they are and trust in the natural order of child development to guide our decisions.

We support families by offering:

      • A common understanding of what is happening
      • A sensitive, flexible and family-centered approach
      • Compassion-focused and trauma-informed service delivery
      • Carefully developed individualized support plans

With our flexible, dynamic, and simple approach we offer families a range of Creating Amazing Little Moments (CALM) programming that will meet the needs of each family’s unique situation. We collaborate with other professionals, team members, daycares and schools to ensure that all possible resources are maximized.

      • Early Years (under 6)
      • School Aged Kids (over 6)
      • Positive Behaviour Support Planning (2-19 years)

Our Consultants:

Kamloops Area

Contact: 250-318-1138

North Vancouver

Contact: 250-299-2688

To interview us to see if our services are a good fit for your family, or for more information about our services, please contact us by email.

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