New Horizons is a recognized resource for community training and continuing education in the areas of behaviour supports, behaviour change, person-centered planning, policy, best practices, and crisis prevention.

Behaviour Support Workshops (Associated with CLBC Funding)

The following workshops are available at no cost to Service Providers working with CLBC in the North Thompson Region, as part of our global contract and CLBC’s commitment to increasing the capacity of Service Providers in meeting the behaviour support needs of the population we serve:

Behaviour Support Working Group: Practical Strategies for Challenging Behaviours

This in-depth workshop is designed to assist Home Share Coordinators, Resource, Residential or Program Managers, Community Inclusion Coordinators or Managers, and Service Coordinators who support CLBC funded individuals who are demonstrating difficult or challenging behaviour that has the potential to become serious or critical. Attendees will:

  • Learn how to increase successful placements and improve quality of life for all involved.
  • Openly discuss specific behavioural challenges and find practical solutions for use in home and community.
  • Learn how to write a basic Behaviour Support Plan, including assessment, preventative strategies, skill building strategies, and response strategies.
  • Learn about their responsibilities in delivering quality of care and meeting CLBC policies.

Behaviour Support Planning & Policy Refresher 

This workshop provides a review of Service Provider’s roles and responsibilities in supporting CLBC funded individuals who are demonstrating challenging behaviours. Geared towards Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Coordinators, Team Leaders, and Community Professionals this workshop provides a refresher on the CLBC Behaviour Support Planning Guide and Policy (May 2012), as well as the newly revised CLBC Critical Incident Policy (March 2016).

Person-Centred Behaviour Support: Best Practices for CLBC Services

Designed specifically for CLBC Facilitator and Quality Service Analyst teams, this workshop is gives detailed information about behaviour support planning, person-centred planning and best practices in the context of Community Living BC policies.

Behaviour Basics for Frontline Workers: Applying Practical Strategies That Work

iStock-597256250This workshop is designed to increase the skills of frontline support staff in delivering positive behaviour supports to CLBC funded individuals. Ideal for Community Inclusion Workers, Community Support Workers/ Residential Care Workers, Home Share Providers, and other paid supports who require more knowledge in understanding, preventing, and managing challenging behaviours.

Community Workshops

New Horizons also provides several other community workshops and training offerings. If you are interested in learning more about any of our workshop offerings or would like to enquire about us developing a specific workshop for you, please email us, we would be happy to hear from you!

Supporting Persons with ASD

This workshop provides a generalized overview of the characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder and other social-cognitive disorders and gives practical strategies for supporting individuals with ASD in various settings. Designed for paid supports and their supervisors, participants will come away with new ideas to promote positive behaviours specifically for persons with ASD diagnoses. This workshop can be tailored to your team and setting.

Positive Change Through Functional Communication Training

Challenging behaviour often occurs because a person does not have a meaningful and socially acceptable way of communicating their needs to others. In this workshop, learn how to assist others to establish functional communication skills as an alternative to using challenging behaviour. Topics include the use of alternative communication such as technology (AAC devices, tablets) and the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), as well as other visual support strategies.

Sex Ed: Starting the Conversation

This workshop provides a generalized overview of sex and sexuality and gives practical strategies for starting and engaging in meaningful conversations with the individual(s) you support. Recognizing the vulnerabilities of adults with developmental disabilities and acknowledging their limit access to information and support are the foundation of this workshop. This workshop is designed for direct support staff and caregivers of CLBC funded individuals. Participants will come away with new ideas to promote open dialogue and strategies to assist individuals to engage in healthy exploration and understanding of sex and sexuality.

Autism Supports: Parent Training

Parents and caregivers of children and youth with an autism diagnosis are invited to learn more about how to get their children to listen to them (also called instructional control), how to increase their child’s ability to tolerate life’s various frustrations (waiting, hearing “no”), how to teach functional skills in the home, and how to make the most out of their child’s behavioural intervention program through maintenance and generalizing training.

Autism Supports: Behaviour Interventionist Training

New Horizons provides training for Behaviour Interventionists delivering early intensive behavioural intervention services (discrete trial teaching, milieu teaching, generalization training). Parents are welcome to attend. Training is limited to the teams of our current clients receiving behaviour consultation services.